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Church Yard News

To ensure the Church Yard remains a place of calm for those of us who spend time here the Christ Church Gardening Group have continued to keep the churchyard looking tidy, enabling people to visit graves without difficulty. Even during lockdown, the churchyard is being mowed, weeded and strimmed.

We are keen to make the churchyard more wildlife and insect friendly by leaving areas of longer grass and planting up older untended graves with flowers. Therefore, we ask that you refrain from using weed killer. Do contact us if you are not able to access the grave you are tending or any other problems arise.

We are looking after the fruit trees which ‘Transition Buxton’ planted - there are apples, pears, damsons and greengages which are well established now. We hope that you enjoy the shelter and beauty of these trees.

We would gratefully receive any donations you are able to make towards the upkeep of the churchyard. If you would like to make a donation please send it to: The Parish Office, 29 Bath Rd. Buxton SK17 6HJ. Cheques payable to Buxton PCC (Christ Church churchyard). An annual donation of £20 is what we would suggest – however, anything you can give would really help. It costs £14 per hour to employ someone to mow or strim. Please consider completing the ‘Gift Aid’ section as you give this money, if you are able to. Gift Aid means that for every pound donated we can reclaim 25 pence from HMRC. 

Thank you for your support.

 If you have any questions please ring either

Anne Wood 01298 938152 or Maggie Davies 01298 937211


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