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We hold our working parties  on the second Tuesday monthly from 10am to 4pm. Coffee, tea and lunch is provided and even if you are unable to help you are welcome to have a coffee with us and see what we do. Mainly mowing and strimming to keep the churchyard looking tidy and enabling people to visit graves without difficulty. There is also hedge cutting and tidying graves where the mower cannot go.

We would like to have the stone wall round the carpark and in front of the church redone as they are in poor condition. The driveways also need repair and renewal. Now the scaffolding is down we can tidy up and gravel round the church building. Some of this we can do but stonewalling will have to wait until we have funds to employ someone.

During the winter we have been transcribing some of the several thousand entries from the burial books which start in 1861 and trying to identify and locate these graves on the plan. This is an ongoing task which will take several years. We get a lot of enquiries about graves and this work will enable us in most cases to give a quicker response.

Many people make an annual donation for the upkeep of the churchyard. If you would like to make a donation please send it the: The Parish Office, 29 Bath Rd. Buxton SK17 6HJ. Cheques payable to Buxton PCC (Christchurch churchyard). We suggest £20 as it costs £12 per hour to employ someone to mow or strim.

Thank You

Anne Wood 01298 938152

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